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Re: color static-text-dialog-items

On Mon Jan 18 19:09:31 1993, Mark Halliday <markh@media.mit.edu> writes:
>  I'm trying to get color text in a text dialog item. I've tried setting
>  the part-color-list to the color I want, but it always comes up
>  black & white:
>  (make-instance 'static-text-dialog-item
>      :view-position #@(20 400)
>      :part-color-list '(text *red-color*)
>      :view-font '("times" 14)
>      :dialog-item-text "Dream"
>      :view-container cw
>      )
>  What am I doing wrong?
First, ensure that the window in which the view is installed is a color
window (:color-p t), that *color-available* is not nil, and that the
Apple Menu item is colored (if not, use the Apple Menu item "Control panels"
to specify the correct values for the "Monitors").  Most likely
the window is not color (:color-p nil is the default).
? (setq cw (make-instance 'window :color-p t))
#<WINDOW "Untitled" #x4512A1>
? (window-color-p cw)
? (setq text-view (make-instance 'static-text-dialog-item
                    :view-position #@(20 400)
                    :part-color-list '(text *red-color*)
                    :view-font '("times" 14)
                    :dialog-item-text "Dream"
                    :view-container cw
? (slot-value text-view 'ccl::color-list)