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Re: color static-text-dialog-items (correction)

This is a followup to my previous message which contained an error.
This message contains the correction.
The discussion of :part-color-list specification was in error.

Another problem is that the set-part-color function takes an object,
a part and a color as the three arguments and part must be a keyword
for dialog items these include (:frame :text :body :thumb, for the
color associated with the outline of the dialog item, the text,
the body, and thumb (scroll bars have thumbs).

As a result the following corrections are required:

(1) Replace the text-view to evaluate *red-color* and to use the
:text keyword:
(setq text-view (make-instance 'static-text-dialog-item
                    :view-position #@(20 400)
                    :part-color-list (list :text *red-color*)
                    :view-font '("times" 14)
                    :dialog-item-text "Dream"
                    :view-container cw
(2) set the result of
? (part-color-list text-view)
(:TEXT 14485510)