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Re: Setting dialog item body color

At 21:22 1/20/93 +0000, John R. Gersh wrote:
>How can one set the body color of a check-box or radio-button dialog item?
>(For example, if you want it to look reasonable in a dialog with a
>background color.)
>(set-part-color <item> :body <new-color>) or initializing with the
>equivalent part-color-list has no effect in this case; no matter what you
>do, the item keeps a white body color.
>I poked around a bit around with ccl::set-control-part-color and
>ccl::table-color. It appears that the control color-table is being set
>properly, but this doesn't affect the way check-boxes and radio-buttons are
>drawn. (Things work just fine in setting text and frame colors.) IM V has a
>nice color plate that shows radio buttons and check-boxes with body colors
>that match a dialog's background, so it ought to be possible.
>What gives? Is there a way to do this? (I've worked out an awfullly kludgy
>work-around involving a view-draw-contents that paints the dialog-item and
>then calls #_TrackControl to redo the text and frame, but this is only
>partially effective for radio-buttons, and there _must_ be a better way.)
>[Note: This question was asked in this forum last summer by someone else.
>I've searched the mail archives and checked with the original questioner -
>it seems never to have been answered.]

The System 7 CDEF appears to use the window's :content color instead of the control's
:body color as the background color when drawing check boxes and radio buttons. This is,
I believe, different than System 6's behavior, though I didn't check that today.
In order to make it look right, I found it necessary to both:

  (set-back-color <window> <color>)
  (set-part-color <window> :content <color>)

For system 6, you may also need:

  (set-part-color <radio button or check box> :body <color>)

Bill St. Clair