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Nasty interaction of toplevel and menu-items

Hi to all...

I've been working on a small program that replaces the toplevel loop with one
of my 
own.  However, I'm doing something wrong (aargh)!  When I take over the loop, 
anything typed into the Listener gets listened to correctly, but any function
called from a 
menu-item that contains a (format t ) breaks in an odd way.  Basically, it
looks like the 
output of the format calls are being evaluated.  So, if my menu calls a
function (test), and 
test contains a call (format t "This will break"), my toplevel responds 
> Error: Unbound variable: THIS
> While executing: SYMBOL-VALUE
> Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.
> If continued: Retry getting the value of THIS.
See the RestartsU menu item for further choices.
as if I had typed "This".  

Code to produce this error is below:
;;;; Toplevel code to show break

;; set-top is an accessor function to set the toplevel routine
;; new-top is the new toplevel routine

(defun set-top (top-level-fn)
   (%set-toplevel top-level-fn)
   (throw :toplevel t))

(defun new-top (&aux form)
   (format t "~&LISP> ")
   (setq form (read))
   (format t "~& ~a" (eval form)))

;; now just create the test case

(defun test ()
   (format t "This will break"))

(defparameter *stupid-menu* (make-instance 'menu
                                                    :menu-title "Test"
                                                      (make-instance 'menu-item
                                                          #'(lambda ()

(menu-install *stupid-menu*)

I don't have any good ideas about what's going on -- maybe I'm confused about
various streams?  Advice would be gratefully appreciated.


Douglas Merrill
Visiting Scholar
The Institute for the Learning Sciences
Northwestern University
1890 Maple Ave
Evanston IL 60201