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Stack Overflow Error

                       Subject:                               Time:3:38 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          Stack Overflow Error                   Date:1/21/93
I am using the following code to display images stored as PICT resources. By
the size of the rectangle, I'm able to effectively roam and zoom the image. My
is that if I make the rectangle too large (i.e., I attempt to zoom the image
too much),
the system crashes (type 28 stack overflow error). Any suggestions/fixes?

P.S. The same thing happens when I use your code for displaying PICT images. 

P.P.S I have tried to increase the sizes of the stack and heap using
without success.

(defun DISPLAY-IMAGE-RESOURCE (the-window rfile-name-string   pict-num 
                                          left top right bottom)
  (let (string-ptr resrefnum pict-handle)
    (setf string-ptr (#_newptr 256))
    (%put-string string-ptr rfile-name-string 0)
    (setf resrefnum (#_openresfile string-ptr))
    (rlet ((r :rect
              :topleft (make-point left top)
              :bottomright (make-point right bottom)))
      (with-focused-view the-window
        (window-select the-window)
        (#_framerect r)
        (setf pict-handle (#_getpicture pict-num))
        (#_drawpicture pict-handle r)
        (#_closeresfile resrefnum))))