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Re: Simulating selections

Thanks to those who replied to my question about getting the selection
color so that I could simulate selections for my static text dialog items.

I haven't had a chance to try all the possibilities yet, but those that I 
tried worked, and I'll try the others this afternoon.

One thing I did notice was in Oodles of Utils, when I tried the draggable 
items, the first one I selected would go red, but when I dropped it on
something else it went black and my selection color for all Mac applications
would be set back to black (I'd have to go into the Color control panel to
reset it)! This seemed a bit odd but may have been something to do with the
fact that I couldn't get the method ccl:call-with-focused-view in 
GWorld-view.lisp to compile (it said it wasn't a generic method) so I just
commented it out!

Again thanks to everyone on this mailing list. We have more or less completed
a port of our Product Formulation Expert System (PFES) from the PC (Golden
Common Lisp) to MCL. The Mac version runs about the same speed on a IIci with
8Megs memory as a 386 33 MHz with 12 Megs (DOS version) and the user interface
is much, much better.

Since I am the only one in the Company in the US who has any experience with
MCL (or Lisp?) I couldn't have done it without you!


P.S. Anybody interested in a shell for supporting Formulators? We have
applications mainly in tablet formulation, but also paint, sun tan lotion,
lubrication oils, food & drink etc. (Sorry for the nasty commercialism, but
I proud of what I've built!)
Denis Howlett                                 | Phone: +617 890 7730
Logica North America Inc.                     | Fax:   +617 890 5034