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Rocket problems

After my recent claims of success in running MCL 2 on a Radius Rocket, I must
now qualify that:
I can run MCL 2.0p2 very happily on a Radius Rocket, in a IIci, *provided* that
the Rocket does not use interleaved memory.  My previous experiences in using a
Rocket were with a 20 Mbyte board (16 + 4 Mbyte), which the Rocket accesses
normally.  However, in order to improve its speed, the Rocket will endeavour to
interleave its memory access when the SIMMs in its two banks contain SIMMs of
the same size.  Today, I upgraded to 32 Mbyte (16 + 16) and lo and behold, MCL
2.0p2 would not run under any conditions.
There is currently no way to turn interleaving off, therefore I had to return
to the previous 20 Mbyte configuration in order to be able to run MCL.
I am filing full bug reports with bug-mcl and Radius in the hope that a happy
coexistence is reached!