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Porting to MCL: Package problems

I am trying to make some Common Lisp code run under MCL.  It runs as is on
every other Common Lisp I've tried: Lucid and Franz on a variety of machines,
KCL and AKCL, Symbolics on their own hardware, and even the Symbolics
CLOE environment under Microsoft Windows.  Overall, quite vanilla code.
Much of it in fact is teaching code, designed to be very
portable.  But it won't run under MCL.

Most of the problems seem to be package related.  MCL can't seem to grok

(in-package 'tms)

for instance, and declaring packages in a Symbolics-style attribute line
appears to make the machine most unhappy.

Presumably others have solved such problems.  Is there a file somewhere which
documents the gotcha's in porting Common Lisp code to MCL?  Thanks.


Prof. Kenneth D. Forbus
Qualitative Reasoning Group
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