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Availability of MacCLIM 1.1 for MCL 2.0

During the last few months, Lucid and Apple have worked with Illudium
Software to bring MacCLIM to market.  Lucid now provides one-stop
shopping for both MCL 2.0 and MacCLIM 2.0.  Lucid also offers customer
support for both products.  Our plan is to work with Illudium to
product the MacCLIM 2.0 version of software once our own Lucid CLIM
2.0 enters beta test.

For more information and availability, contact "Sales@lucid.com"

Jay Mellman				jmm@lucid.com
Product Marketing Manager		(415) 329-8400
Lucid, Inc.




Menlo Park, CA December 1, 1992:  Lucid, Inc., the leading vendor of
Common Lisp systems for general purpose systems, today announced the
immediate availability of the Common Lisp Interface Manager for
Macintosh computers (MacCLIM), and the availablility of Macintosh
Common Lisp (MCL) from Lucid.  Under its agreement with Apple, Lucid
will package, distribute and support MacCLIM and resell and support

CLIM, a Lisp industry graphical toolkit standard, allows users to
write platform-independent user interfaces.  With release 2.0,
expected next year, users can expect functionality that allows an
application written for a Unix workstation running Lucid Common Lisp
to adapt itself automatically to the Macintosh look-and-feel when
compiled under MCL.

"Lucid now offers one-stop shopping for Lisp programmers across even
more platforms," said Bob Kadarauch, President and CEO of Lucid.  "Our
users are including the Macintosh in their development and deployment
plans.  With this agreement and our eight years of experience in
supporting commercial development of advanced systems, we can meet the
needs of our commercial developers more fully."

MacCLIM version 1.1 lists for $495 and MCL for $495.  Customer support
for each product is available at $500 per year and includes future
updates and hotline support.  Apple will continue to offer the
standalone MCL product through its APDA distribution channel, Apple's
source for development tools.

"MacCLIM fills an important need for customers who want to write
Common Lisp programs and have them run on multiple platforms including
the Macintosh," said Harvey Alcabes, MCL Product Marketing Manager at
Apple Computer.  "We're pleased that Lucid is making MacCLIM and MCL
support available to customers."

Lucid, Inc. is an eight-year old UNIX programming tools company with
leading market share in Common Lisp for general purpose computers.
Lucid provides compilers, tools, and programming environments for the
Lisp, C, and C++ developer, including the Energize Programming System
for C and C++.

APDA and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.