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Setup linewidth for Laserwriter

Does anyone know how to change the default linewidth setup for
printing on a laserwriter. I'm using Mark A. Tapia's print-u.lisp
utility for printing a PICT graphic on a Laserwriter IIg. I set the
Quickdraw pensize to #@(1 1) and it looks fine on the screen even
after scaling but if I print it on the Laserwriter the lines show up
as thick lines (probably 1 point lines). Is there any possibility to
change the linewidth to 0.1 pt  from MCL so that it fits the 300dpi
resolution of the Laserwriter.

If I copy&paste the PICT to MacDraw or Canvas and modify the linewidth
settings there to 0.1 pt it looks ok when printed out. But it would be
nice to be able to do it directly from MCL using the print command. 
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank's in advance.

Martin Emele