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Re: Setup linewidth for Laserwriter

>... When using Quckdraw, there appears
>to be no way to "draw" a line that is less than one pixel wide.
>For a standard Mac screen this is 1/72".  This is a limitation of
>Quickdraw which does not occur in PostScript.
>One way to make the change is to specify that the picture is being drawn
>at a scale of 4*75 pixels per linear inch. Another is to issue all the
>drawing commands for lines as if the document were 4x its real size
>and then forcing a print reduction of 25%. Lines drawn at 1 pixel in the
>in the enlargement will be roughly 1/4 the size in the "printed" version.

It is also possible (and not all that hard, although I can't offer a
recipe) to embed suitable QuickDraw picture comments, which contain
Postscript to set line weight) into the drawing to get the line weights you

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