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Stepping through code & general debugging

I've been having a bit of a problem trying to step through code, especially
through generic functions.  I also would like to be able to set break points
and have execution stop on specific lines of code.  Right now I can do 
that by manually putting in (break) instructions, but I can't step at that 
point, just inspect then continue.  In the case of generic functions the only
way to step through them at all seems to be to have them call a standard
function, then step through that (using trace with the step option).

The other BIG problem I find is when MCL signals an error, I often can't 
figure out exactly which line of code contains the probem.  Many times the
backtrace window only will tell me what routine I'm in, but if that routine is
called from many places in the parent function, you don't know where it was specifically
called from.  Is there a way to determine where something is called from (other than
putting in assert statements, or, as I do, asserting locations in the code into a
variable then checking the status of that variable?


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