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Re: Trouble with table-dialog-item

>Dear sirs,
>while upgrading code from MCL 1.3 to 2.0 I've found that, besides using CLOS
>syntax, there is no way to set the contents of a table dialog item. That is,
>there is no :table-sequence slot any longer. Would you please give me a hint
>to overcame this ? Besides that, I've also used array-dialog-items (supplied
>with MCL 1.3.2, but not with MCL 2.0). Would you please send me the upgraded
>array-dialog-items code ? Please answer to the address below, for I don't
>subscribe to the distribution list. Thank you very much,

The SEQUENCE-DIALOG-ITEM class, which is a subclass of TABLE-DIALOG-ITEM,
does have a TABLE-SEQUENCE slot which can be modified with the
SET-TABLE-SEQUENCE generic function. TABLE-DIALOG-ITEM is not intended
to be instantiated; it is an abstract class intended for subclassing only.
The ARRAY-DIALOG-ITEM class is supplied in an example file that ships
with MCL 2.0: "ccl:examples;array-dialog-item.lisp".