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Re: AppleEvents Bug in MCL 2.0

>Date: Mon Feb 01 18:10 1993
>From: TM33@calvacom.fr (TRADITIONS MONASTIQUES)
>To: bug-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
>X-Cc: CALVA/DR12 (Daniel RANSON)
>Subject: AppleEvents Bug in MCL 2.0
>   Dear Sirs,
>   I have found a bug in MCL 2.0.
>   I have made a stand-alone application by following the framework of the 
>BinHex example found in the "examples" Folder of the MCL2.0 CD-ROM. I have added
>code to treat the Apple-Events, but when I launch my application it receives NO 
>apple-events, neither the 'oapp' nor the 'odoc' event.
>   When I send the 'oapp' and 'odoc' Apple Events from another application to my
>running Application (named "Quitus"). The events are correctly received and 
>treated. But at the start-up of Quitus nothing occurs. It seems that MCL "eats" 
>the Apple-Event, maybe by a FlushEvents.
>   I have checked that the 'SIZE' resource have the bit "Accept High-level 
>events" set.
>   To treat the 'odoc' (open document) events, I have add code to parse the 
>FinderInfo even under system 6. And I have noticed the MCL itself does the same 

This is an omission in MCL's documentation. Here's the missing text:

FINDER-PARAMETERS                        [function]
returns a list whose CAR is either :OPEN or :PRINT and whose
CDR is a list of pathnames. This list represents files that
were passed to MCL by the Finder when MCL was launched. Under
System 7, this information is passed by the initial 'odoc' or 'pdoc'
AppleEvent, which MCL conveniently processes for you. The BINHEX-STARTUP
function in the file "ccl:examples;binhex;binhex.lisp" is an example