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Re: Lucid's CLIM Announcement

>Date: Fri, 29 Jan 93 10:32:24 EST
>To: bill@cambridge.apple.com
>From: bhyde@gensym.com
>Subject: Re: Lucid's CLIM Announcement
>My first impression upon seeing the CLIM announcement was that Lucid had
>acquired the MCL development team.  It wasn't a happy thought!  - ben

Just in case anyone else got that impression, this message is to assure
you that the MCL development team is alive and well and still working in
Apple's Eastern Research & Development Laboratory in Cambridge, MA.

We have changed a little bit, however. Gary Byers decided that he had
worked on MCL for long enough (7 or 8 years), and that he wanted to live
on the West coast again. I have taken over his kernel and garbage collector
work and we are looking for someone to take over maintenance/development of
MCL's compiler. If you know anyone who's interested, contact Alice Hartley