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Re: Problems with copying and pasting PICTS

>When I make a PICT and copy&paste it to MacWrite through the
>clipboard (scrap) SOME linewidths and SOME positions of lines
>are changed. When the PICT is printed from my MCL program there
>are no problems.
>Is it the clipboard or MacWrite which causes problems?

It sounds as if you are creating the PICTure in MCL.  It also sounds as if
MCL and MacWrite have some different defaults.  Try setting a few more
text-related things AFTER starting the picture (before drawing the text). 
Things like SpaceExtra, SetOutlinePreferred, and other "goodies" like that
come to mind.  [There are some more if you use TextBox or its more modern
relatives to draw multi-line text.]  Generally, set everything settable.

>Is there a copy of the PICT on the clipboard or just a handle?
There is a copy of the contents of the PICTure on the clipboard (actually,
the Scrap Manager manages a handle to a copy of the data, but effectively
it's a copy of the data).  The data is a representation of the drawing
commands used to render the picture (if you made the picture with CopyBits,
then there's the needed stuff to redo the CopyBits, compressed).

>How can I save a PICT as a PICT file?
A PICT file contains the data in the PICTure handle, AFTER 512 bytes of
zeros (you can put whatever you like in there, as long as it's 512 bytes
and doesn't confuse some program which will later open the file).  A PICT
file probably won't solve your problem...the using application will see the
same data either in the file or in the Scrap (clipboard).


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