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ColorTables: 12 bytes from hell #_getCtable experience

Creating color tables using #_getCTable seems to return an additional
12 bytes from hell on Quadras and FXs.

(#_getctable 8) returns a different size handle on a MacII

#<A Mac Handle, Unlocked, Size 2056 #xD204F0>

than on a Quadra, or fx

#<A Mac Handle, Unlocked, Size 2068 #xD104E0>

..both running system 7.0.1, MCL 2.0p2

2056 seems to be correct (8 + 256 * 8). I have no idea where the
remaining 12 bytes come from. These 12 bytes mess up "cicn" resources.
ResEdit warns me about them and clips 12 bytes of at the end of cicn
resources to reduce it to corret size. However, the color table is not
at the end of a cicn resource and therefore my icons get messed up.

Could this have something to do with the CPU (68020 vs. 68030/68040)?
Could the _getCtable trap definition be messed up?

_getCTable returns ROM-based CTables, could it have something to
do with the ROM version?

  puzzled,  Alex Repenning