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toolserver.lisp - ANSWER


Well, it seems I was able to answer my own question. If you add this code
to the toolserver.lisp file and eval it, all works fine. It appears that
most of the feedback for toolserver comes from the diag event, not the outp
event. So here is modified code to add the diag event...

(defun open-toolserver-io ()
  (unless (and *toolserver-io* (wptr *toolserver-io*))
    (setq *toolserver-io* (make-instance 'toolserver-io)))
  (install-appleevent-handler :|MPS | :|outp| #'outp-handler)
  ;; CHANGE - added next line MS 1/8/93
  (install-appleevent-handler :|MPS | :|diag| #'outp-handler)

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