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Re: ptable and after dark??

At  5:24 PM 2/8/93 -0500, Martin Stanley wrote:
>This doesn't make sense to me - but then again init conflicts seldom do...
>After a quite a while of using ptable and After Dark I noticed that After
>Dark had stopped working and if I clicked on the control panel button
>labelled "WHEN" it would crash. I eliminated inits one by one and I think
>I have narrowed down the problem to ptable. With all my other inits, etc.
>it works as expected. 
>Has anyone seen anything like this? 
>Any other ideas?
>If I am using virtual memory do I need even load in ptable?

I have had no problem with ptable and After Dark on my IIci running in
32-bit mode, _without_ VM turned on. If you've narrowed down your problem
to these two INITs and have VM on, I suspect it's a problem related to VM.
What version of the System are you running? ptable and AD work fine
together with both Systems 7.0.1/TU 1.1.1 and System 7.1 on my IIci. I also
have a bunch of other INITs and none seem to cause any problems of the sort
you mention.