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Hi, MCL experts:

I have a strange thing to be understood.  I have some compiled code 
as follows:

(defmethod view-click-event-handler ((bm-obj bitmap-dialog-item) where)
   (while (#_stilldown)

The function of the code is moving objects with the class bitmap-
dialog-item on a window.  While I tried to move an object, the MCL2.0
system showed me:

;Compiler warnings :

While I typed "(#_stilldown" in the Listener, the bottom line of it 
showed me "CCL ??".  My understanding to "CCL ??" is that I can use
the trap still_down.  Then I re-loaded the above code, everything was
ok.  I wonder if the evaluation to "(#_stilldown" in the Listener
has some effects on the compiled code "(while (#_stilldown)" and how
to solve this problem.


-J. Pan
 George Mason University