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Re: WDEF in Lisp!

> MCL calls #_GrowWindow only if (grow-icon-p <window>) returns true,
> i.e. you created the window with:

I remember looking at this and thinking that it's entirely un-necessary
since a window will _never_ return #$wInGrow unless it has a grow icon
anyways, why have a check to see if the window has a grow icon?  what
should really be happening here is a call to a customizable method
called, say, handle-grow-click, or track-grow-select that, by default,
handles clicks in the grow region in a default way, but allows users
to customize that behavoir easily.

> Unfortunately, if (grow-icon-p <window>) is true, MCL will call
> #_DrawGrowIcon with drawing clipped to the 15 pixel square at the
> lower right hand corner of the window's view-size rectangle.
> This will be wrong for a custom WDEF.

if anywhere, this should be a :before or :after method for updating
the content area of windows of type documentProc, since that is the
_only_ place where it makes any sense for it to appear--afterall, you
are drawing into the contents of the window when you ask for the
grow icon to be drawn.  As well, this doesn't need to be done for all
windows that have grow regions--wdef's will only draw a grow icon
if the grow icon is in the content area--some wdef's draw their grow
region in their struct region.