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editable-text-dialog-item and cut&paste

In running MCL2.0p2 with editable-text-dialog-items in a _modal_ dialog.

In the MCL Reference, that chapter on dialog items and dialogs seems to 
imply that cut and paste functions for editable-text-dialog-items are 
already existing and auto-magically available. That is, the book states "The 
user can give standard Macintosh commands to edit the text of such 
{editable-text} items."  I assume the book means these features are 
automagically available since I cannot find any documentation on how to 
_make_ them available.

However, in all of my modal dialogs the "Edit" menu is greyed out.  How do I 
make it available (perferably _without_ going in and writing cut&paste 
functions on a new dialog class which has to track its own editable-text 
dialog items)?

Making the "edit" menu available is done in the standard dialog 
"get-string-from-user."  This is what I would like to be able to do.


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