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Re: bug reading single bit binary data

>I have encountered a problem when trying to read moderate sized (> 4K
>sample) single bit (unsigned-byte 1) binary arrays from files in MCL
>2.0 final. 
>Essentially the file pointer begins to wrap at about 4096 samples and
>begins rereading data. A sample function with debug output follow.  
>I haven't seen similar problems with 8 bit files.

This bug was fixed by patch 1 for MCL 2.0. Patches 1 and 2 are available
for anonymous FTP from cambridge.apple.com in the directory
"/pub/mcl2/patches/". You can get them via mail by sending a message
to archive-server@cambridge.apple.com (send a message with a single
line: "help" to find out how to use the archive server).

While investigating this, I found another bug in MCL's byte file I/O.
STREAM-EOFP does not work correctly on streams with other than 8 bits
per element. I have prepared a patch for inclusion in patch 3 for
MCL 2.0. If you want it before then, ask for "stream-eofp-patch".