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editable-text-dialog-item and cut&paste

>   (...)
>However, in all of my modal dialogs the "Edit" menu is greyed out.  How do I 
>make it available (perferably _without_ going in and writing cut&paste 
>functions on a new dialog class which has to track its own editable-text 
>dialog items)?

I have had this problem as well. Bill's code works fine for me though.
So, I did some checking and found that the problem was not due to the
modal dialog; rather, it was because I was using my own custom edit
menu (a standard one with things added at the end). The function
'update-menu' is defined for *edit-menu*, but not for my custom menu.
I suspect that what I need is a proper defininition of this function
for my menu. Perhaps it just enables the appropriate menu items?