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*package* and printing

I've got an application that uses 1 package "oval" throughout for
all source code files.
I want the listener to be in this package when the program is
loaded so I eval
(setq *package* (find-package 'oval)) in one of the source code files.

The listener "who line" says "oval", but
evaling *package* reveals that its bound to cl-user.
The behavior that really caused me to notice this is that
I do a lot of printing symbols into edit-text dialog items
and sometimes these symbols are printed like
when I really want them to print like

If the source code file has:
(in-package oval)

(setq *baz* 'foo)
then down in some menu-item action I've got
(eval-enqueue `(print ',*baz*))
what should I expect to happen w.r.t. the package prefix being printed?