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Conquest 1.1

Conquest is a programmable strategy game similar to the RISK board game.
I created this game last semester as a class project when I was a teaching 
assistant for a graduate level AI course. 

The idea is that computer players of this game can be implemented by 
writing CLOS code (the graphical interface is macintosh specific, but the 
players are not).  High level functions are provided to ease the development
of computer players.  Extensive documentation is also included.

Games consist of any combination of two or more computer and human players.
The players of the game attempt to take over a fictional world by battling 
their opponents.  The object of the game is to own every country in the world.

Implementing a player of this game is a good way to learn about 
AI game playing, Lisp/CLOS, and graph theory algorithms.  The students of
the graduate level AI course were able to implement players in a relatively
short peroid of time, while learning a lot.

Archived as:  pub/MCL2/contrib/Conquest-11.sea.Hqx