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I have an application that has defined specialized classes
of fred windows, and I need to reinitialize  classes of windows
when they are opened.  If the windows are opened by menu commands,
this is easy to do, since I have direct control over when it happens.
But if the application is up and running and the user double clicks
on a document, the document is opened automatically by a call to
(fred) over which I have no control.  (At this point I am using the
standard *top-level-loop* that comes with MCL, and I presume this loop
opens the file.)   I could (advise fred :after) to reinitialize the
window, but I don't have a reliable way to find the result the the
function (fred) returns.  In fact, as a general feature, it would be
very nice if there were some variable (called, e.g. result) that
one could use in a piece of after advice that referred to the result
returned by a function, analogously to the variable 'arglist' that
refers to the arglist of the function.

There must be many safe ways to solve my problem.  Any suggestions?