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ptable problems

About 2 weeks ago I posted a note asking if any others have had problems
with ptable and After Dark (perhaps complicated by the use of virtual
memory). Well, I received 7 responses: 3 reported similar problems, 
3 reported no problems and 1 suggested a different screen saver. Anyone at
Apple care to comment on this?

    From:	zilla@ccrl.nj.nec.com (John Lewis):
    i also suspected ptable & after dark, though i didn't track it down
    like you did.  I eliminated ptable and haven't had any more trouble;
    i've since forgotten exactly what the trouble was.
    From:	language@skorpio.usask.ca (John Montbriand)
    I noticed an init conflict using the ptable init on a powerbook
    160 with the ram disk enabled (system 7.1),  it _totally_ locks
    up the machine....
    From:	jwbaxter@halcyon.halcyon.com
    I routinely run the ptable INIT with After Dark (version 2.0v) on my Mac
    IIci.  I haven't seen any problems resembling what you see.
    ... I haven't seen problems with After Dark 2.0v and virtual memory, either
    From:	berwick@ai.mit.edu (Professor Robert C. Berwick)
    Yes, Ptable conflicts with *lots* of things on 7.1; will
    totally lock up duos, quadras, etc.  I haven't had time
    to figure out where it is is going wrong.  Anybody at
    Apple want to figure it out?
    From:	CAMPER@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Camper, Dan)
    I have had problems with certain After Dark modules, but most seem to work 
    fine with MCL on my systems.
    From:	rparker@holonet.net (Rich Parker)
    I have had no problem with ptable and After Dark on my IIci running in
    32-bit mode, _without_ VM turned on. If you've narrowed down your problem
    to these two INITs and have VM on, I suspect it's a problem related to VM.
    What version of the System are you running? ptable and AD work fine
    together with both Systems 7.0.1/TU 1.1.1 and System 7.1 on my IIci. I also
    have a bunch of other INITs and none seem to cause any problems of the sort
    you mention.
    From:	AMBLE@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Amble, Bob)
    I have not seen this problem on my IIci before or after the Quadra 700 
    upgrade with Systems 7.0.1 or 7.1. But I stopped using After Dark in favor 
    of a public domain screen saving application called Dark Side of the Mac, 
    which seems to do similar things in much less memory.


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