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Re: save-application and loop

At  8:29 2/24/93 +0100, Heinrich Konrad Taube wrote:
>If I boot any image I save with save-application and try to execute a loop form, I  
>always get the error:
>? (loop for i from 1 to 10 collect i)
>> Error: The module "LOOP" was required while loading NIL.
>>       No file could be found for that module.
>> while exectuting: REQUIRE
>The backtrace shows that ccl:ansi-loop is calling require:
>        error
>        require
>        ccl:ansi-loop
>        macroexpand-1
>I could ccl:require loop from the library myself, but I since loop is now part of the  
>lisp standard, I expect that this might be a bug or I'm not understanding something  
>about save-application.

LOOP is not included in the distributed MCL image. Instead, its definition
is auto-loaded on demand from the file "ccl:library;loop.lisp". If you
SAVE-APPLICATION before loading LOOP and move the saved application out
of the "CCL:" folder, it will not be able to find the file when it
attempts to autoload it. The solution is to (require "LOOP") before