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Re: save-application and loop

In article <9302240730.AA01610@guido.zkm.de> hkt@zkm.de (Heinrich Konrad Taube) writes:
>If I boot any image I save with save-application and try to execute a loop form, I  
>always get the error:
>? (loop for i from 1 to 10 collect i)
>> Error: The module "LOOP" was required while loading NIL.
>>       No file could be found for that module.
>> while exectuting: REQUIRE
>The backtrace shows that ccl:ansi-loop is calling require:
>	error
>	require
>	ccl:ansi-loop
>	macroexpand-1
>I could ccl:require loop from the library myself, but I since loop is now part of the  
>lisp standard, I expect that this might be a bug or I'm not understanding something  
>about save-application.
>Rick Taube
>Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie
>Ritterstr. 41	7500 Karsruhe 41 Germany

I would speculate that you are running the image after having moved it
out of the MCL folder. You need to reestablish the logical pathnames
that MCL uses to automatically load modules, in this case:
"library;".  The non-portable way to do this is using 
(def-logical-pathname "library;" <path to the library folder in the
mcl folder> )

The portable way is to use pathname-translations but unfortunately
I haven't digested these well enough yet to explain them. I would love
to see an example of a portable way to set up logical pathnames
that would work in multiple images and across platforms (obviously where
the implementation permits loading an init file at startup).

Seth Goldman
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