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Re: Centris 610

>I just bought a Centris 610 and am having trouble running Common
>Lisp applications on MCL2.0p2.  Is there something special that
>I'm supposed to do in this environment?  I have 8MB of RAM and am
>running System 7.1.  I'd appreciate your help.  Thanks
>Doyle Weishar

Yes. MCL needs to be patched in order to run on the new low-end Centris
models (the ones that lack an FPU). I'll send you the patch later today.

If anyone else reading this needs the Centris patch, please let me know.
APDA will be shipping a patched version of MCL in the near future.

Thanks for using MCL (and sorry about the inconvenience),

Mark Preece
Apple ATG