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Re: menu items with fonts

On Thu Feb 25 11:44:32 1993 you ask:
  I want to create a popup menu whose menu items are in a font of my choosing.
  I don't need to vary the font between menu items in the menu,  I just want to
  have the menu items not be in Chicago.

A pop-up-menu is a mixin of a menu and dialog-item
Hence, the font used when displaying a pop up menu is the view-font
associated with the pop up menu (inherited from dialog item).

You can change the "menu font" either by specifying the view-font
when creating the menu:
(make-instance 'pop-up-menu 
    :view-font '("Palatino" 12 :plain))
or by setting the view font after the menu has been created:
  (set-view-font my-menu '("Palatino" 12 :plain))