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Re: menu items with fonts

        Reply to:   RE>> menu items with fonts

>>You can change the "menu font" either by specifying the view-font
>>when creating the menu:
>>(make-instance 'pop-up-menu 
>>     ....
>>    :view-font '("Palatino" 12 :plain))
>>or by setting the view font after the menu has been created:
>>  (set-view-font my-menu '("Palatino" 12 :plain))

Thanks for the suggestion, Mark.  But when I do what you suggest, the 
menu items aren't in that font when the menu "pops".  I thought
maybe there was a way to make the items be in Palatino 12 then, too.

Here is a quick paste&eval form that illustrates my problem. Run it and
pop it and check out the result.
(make-instance 'dialog
  :view-size #@(180 60)
  :window-title "Pop-up Menu Test"
  :view-subviews (list (make-instance 'pop-up-menu
                          :dialog-item-text "Wowie"
                         :view-font '("Palatino" 12 :plain)
                          (make-instance 'menu-item
                            :menu-item-title "item one"
                            :menu-item-action #'(lambda ()
                                                  (print 1)))
                          (make-instance 'menu-item
                            :menu-item-title "item two"
                            :menu-item-action #'(lambda ()
                                                  (print 2)))