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strange networking behavior

I have a program in which a routine which eventually opens a tcp stream
is called from within an event handler (for a button in a dialog box).
I meant to eval-enqueue this call, but forgot.  The open-tcp-stream call
hung my mac when it was called.

I am working on a Quadra 900 with built in ethernet and had heard about 
possible network problems occurring in this hardware when virtual memory
was turned off, so I turned it on.  The open-tcp-stream call then did not
freeze up my mac, and appears to have worked as intended.

Then I realized that I had forgotten to eval-enqueue the call, eval-enqueued
it, turned virtual memory off, and tried again.  Again, the open-tcp-stream
call worked fine.

This seems very odd to me!  It seems that the use of VM is somehow changing
the semantics of the program!  This should not happen.

Perhaps this is related to or somehow sheds some light on the other
Quadra network flakiness problems which have been occurring from within
MCL.  If anyone has further insights into related Quadra networking bugs,
I'd also be interested in hearing about them.

Please cc: me on any replies and followups to this message, as I am not on
this mailing list.