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Running a 1.3.2 image on newer MACs.

Can anyone give me some advice about running an old 1.3.2 image on
new macs.
I don't have the source anymore, but hte image seems to run well
on a MAC II, but I can't get it to run on an LCII or an Fx.
Is there some way of running it with version  MCL 2.0? 
Am I right that the problem is the new processor, or have i just set
up the image wrong in some way.

I'm just getting back into MCL 2.0 after a few years of not doing
anything, so I really just need some general advice if I am in the
ballpark in trying to do this, or is it a waste of time?


Joseph Psotka, PhD
Chief, STT
U.S. Army Research Inst.
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Alexandria, VA  22333-5600

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