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Re: translate-logical-pathnames & logical hosts

> From: David Kieras <kieras@engin.umich.edu>
> After spending a lot of time on these supposedly standard facilities,
> setting up my MCL versions of code using them, I have discovered
> that the current Franz Allegro CL for my new, very fast, HP, does
> not yet have them.  So much for portable standard facilities
> for making it easy to move code between platforms.  Proceed with
> caution!

But if you contact bugs@franz.com (instead of info-mcl -- an unlikely
place for useful information about Allegro, and vice versa :-) you
would learn that logical pathnames are implemented in a patch which
you can obtain by email or public ftp.

But seriously, users of multiple implementations do need to be careful
about features and changes made by X3J13 to the language described in
CLtL1.  I don't know that any implementation conforms 100% to either
CLtL2 or the "current" dpANS, although most implementors do apparently
intend to come into complete conformance over time.  Even if every
implementation conformed completely at the present it would be of
questionable value since the dpANS is still undergoing a few final
changes as a result of it's first public review period -- mostly
fixing small inconsistencies to gild the 900-pound lily -- so
conformance is still a moving target.