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At 11:07 PM 7/9/93 +0000, MADA Admin, Steve Mann,PAS wrote:
>************************* News Release *************************
>Contact:   Steve Mann, MADA Managing Director (408) 253-2765
>MADA is pleased to announce that their fifth annual developer's conference,
>MADACON '94, will be held at the Atlanta Airport Hilton in Atlanta, Georgia,
>February 28-March 5. The recently constructed Hilton, which has been awarded
>both the Mobil Four Star and AAA Four Diamond Awards, includes 30,000 square
>feet of state-of-the-art facilities perfectly suited for a technology-oriented
>MADA is seeking authoritative speakers to present topics of interest to
>software developers that create desktop applications using object-oriented
>technology, including:
>o    frameworks such as MacApp, the Think Class Library, Microsoft Foundation
>    Classes, Bedrock, and the Common Lisp Object System;
>o    languages such as C++, Smalltalk, Lisp, and visual development
>    environments;
>o    component libraries, compilers, view creators, and other developer tools;
>o    cross-platform techniques and solutions; and
>o    object-oriented design and development methodologies.
>Potential presenters are invited to send a brief proposal to MADA at
>MADA@APPLELINK.APPLE.COM. We welcome case studies, in-depth tutorials, and
>surveys from vendors and third parties. There are also a limited number of
>student intern and volunteer positions available.
>   MADA, incorporated in 1988, is an independent nonprofit organization dedicat
>to promoting the use of object-oriented technology.  MADA is a primary source
>for information on the latest developments in object-oriented programming, and
>acts as a clearing house for object libraries, utilities, and development
>tools.  The organization offers information and assistance to developers and
>publishes a bimonthly technical journal FrameWorks.