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Re: Heirarchical menus selection

At  1:08 PM 7/28/93 +0000, William Fitzgerald wrote:
>osiris@cs.utexas.edu wrote:
>: Is there any (simple) way do detect the selection of a heirarchical menu as
>: opposed to the selection of one of the items that it contains?  I notoced
>: that there is nothing equivalent to menu-item-action for menus.  
>: Thanks.
>: P.S. I know that this is not exactly kosher interface behavior, but in this
>: case I think that it makes sense...  
>The standard trick is to put the hierarchical menu as also the first
>of the items of its selection.
>For example, here 'Cats' is pulled down:
>[ Dogs -> ]
>[ Cats ->[ Cats           ]
>[ Pigs ->[ Cats with hats ]
>         [ Cats with mats ]

And this is the only choice since #_MenuSelect returns 0 if you
select a hierarchical menu.