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Re: Also (heirarchical menus)

At  9:54 AM 7/28/93 -0400, Mark A. Tapia wrote:
>On Wed Jul 28 02:58:03 1993 osiris@cs.utexas.edu writes:
>  Is there any way to put a check mark next to a heirarchical menu?
>  This would be quite useful.
>There are indeed ways to put checkmarks of particular kinds next to
>a menu item. This normally indicates that the menu-item can be
>toggled. Selecting it once turns the option on; selecting it again
>turns the option off. The arrow character is normally used to
>indicate that a menu-item is also a menu.

Yes, you can put check marks next to menu items as documented in
the MCL reference. You cannot, however, put check marks next to
hierarchical menus. This is due to the way that hierarchical menus
are represented in memory. The byte that normal menu items use for
the character code of the checkmark is used by hierarchical menus to
record the menu ID. See IM V-231.