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Re: Also (heirarchical menus)

 >Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1993 10:58:40 -0500
 >To: osiris@cs.utexas.edu, "Mark A. Tapia" <markt@dgp.toronto.edu>
 >From: bill@cambridge.apple.com (Bill St. Clair)
 >Subject: Re:  Also (heirarchical menus)
 >Cc: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
 >Yes, you can put check marks next to menu items as documented in
 >the MCL reference. You cannot, however, put check marks next to
 >hierarchical menus. This is due to the way that hierarchical menus
 >are represented in memory. The byte that normal menu items use for
 >the character code of the checkmark is used by hierarchical menus to
 >record the menu ID. See IM V-231.

One popular thing to do is to underline the hierarchical menu,
and place the check mark on one (or more) of its items.

The Adobe Type Reunion init, for example does this. If you have
a Font menu containing "Times, Times Bold, Times Italic" as a hierarchical
menu under "Times", selecting "Times Bold" checks "Times Bold" and underlines