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Re: TYPEP bug

At 18:24 7/28/93 +0000, Erann Gat wrote:
>I believe there is a bug in TYPEP:
>Welcome to Macintosh Common Lisp Version 2.0p2!
>? (typep #(1 2 3) '(vector integer 3))
>? (typep #(1 2 3) '(vector fixnum 3))
>? (typep #(1 2 3) '(vector (mod 31) 3))
>All of the above should have returned T (or am I just being dense?).
>Erann Gat
See the description of the January 1989 X3J13 vote on pp. 96-97 of CltL2.  I believe you
are asking the old-style question, i.e. is the array capable of holding the type in the type
specifier instead of the new question, could this array have resulted from a call to make-array
with :element-type specified as in the type specifier.  (Note that in MCL, element type specifiers
of integer and fixnum generate different types of array.)