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Memory Shortage

I am writing a production system in ops5 which calls external lisp
routines, which themselves call quickdraw routines. Somewhere, in the
process of doing this, I am slowly using up (permanently) more and more
space in the Mac Heap. I don't seem to be able to free up this space by
garbage collecting. I also tried to use some heap traps (_purgemem), but
again, no luck. So, for example, when I run this simulation, the Mac
Heap starts out at around 250K, and when it finishes it is around 150K.
You can see why this is a problem since if I run the program more than
twice I run out of memory and the macintosh crashes. 

I think the problem arises somewhere in using the quickdraw routines,
because by itself, the ops5 code doesn't (shouldn't) use up any heap
space. Although I am working with a lot of bitmaps, grafports, and
windows, I am pretty careful about getting rid of them (using

Any ideas about why this is happening, how to increase the Mac Heap
size, or how to purge from the Mac Heap would be extremely helpful.