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moving windows onto the screen

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 >From: haines@math.psu.edu (Matthew A Haines)
 >Subject: moving windows onto the screen
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 >Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1993 13:48:10 GMT
 >I have an application that was prototyped in lisp, and I think it has some windows 
 >that I can't see because they are being created too low or too far to the right for
 >them to even show up on my 12" monitor.  The listener window is still there, and
 >the compiler still works.  Is there some kind of a form that I can type and evaluate
 >that will move every window onto the screen (ie move windows at say 800,200 to 
 >smaller coordinates)?
try something like this

(in-package ccl)

(loop for window in (windows)
      for pos = #@(30 60) then (add-points pos #@(20 30))
      do (set-view-size window #@(350 200))
      do (set-view-position window pos)
      do (window-select window))