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Re: Stack size in MCL

At  8:04 PM 8/3/93 -0800, M J Sawar wrote:
>Probably it might be a FAQ, but what is the maximum size of STACK
>in MCL. The reason I am asking is that I have to port a big decision
>support system to MCL (an SE/30) and Allegro CL/PC (a 486PC), and I
>was shocked to know that Allegro CL/PC only has 64K Stack size.
>So what is the stack size in MCL, and would it be feasible to port the
>application to MCL and Allegro CL ? (the code in Lucid is about 4 Meg +
>6 Meg Lucid in image size, if that is of any significance).

MCL's stack size defaults to 5% of the memory allocated to it with
a minimum of 100K and a maximum of 400K. You can change these defaults
either with ResEdit or parameters to SAVE-APPLICATION. The stack space
is allocated at startup does not change during a single run of an
MCL based application.

I know nothing about the limitations of Allegro CL/PC. Ask Franz, Inc.