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Re: Movable borders between independent views

At 11:48 5/08/93 -0400, Mark A. Tapia wrote :
>Jonathan meeks writes
> I plan to have two independent views separated by an adjustable
> border (much like the backtrace window).  i would like to make
> the border a dialog that, when clicked, creates a ghost border
> that moves with the mouse vertically (within certain size constraints).
> When one lets go of the mouse the two views resize with the border
> at the location the ghost box was dropped.
>I assume that the ghost border affects views within the same
>window. The technique used in the backtrace window 
>is called pane-splitting. One use is to
>allow multiple views into the same document a la Microsoft Word.
>Another is to change the size of related views. For examples on
>pane-splitting, see scroll-bar-dialog-items.lisp in the library
>folder. In particular see the routines:
>            pane-splitter split-pane pane-splitter-corners
>            pane-splitter-position set-pane-splitter-position
>            draw-pane-splitter-outline pane-splitter-outline-position
>That should give you ideas about starting. You can also look at
>Cartier's apropos system available from the contrib directory.
>He has examples that should how to constrain a window to "grow"
>vertically within certain limits.

As a general remark, the "Interface Tools" system in MCL allows us to
design windows and dump the code to generate it in a file.  But this can be
done with most windows that appear on your screen.  Load the ift, open the
backtrace window and dump its code.  It's a good way to steal the code!... 
This might not solve your problem directly, but I think it's often useful.


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