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fred files on CAP-volumes

Hello mcl'ers,

This question might be more CAP- than mcl-specific, but...

We are using as well mcl as lisp under unix. So we store
our souce-files in a unix-directory which we can mount as
an apple-volume via appleshare. The unix-box runs CAP-6.0
as an appleshare server.

All this works supprisingly well with logical pathnames. However,
I'm having troubles with different interpretation of the newline
character of mcl (i.e., fred) and unix. What is puzzling me most
is that "sometimes" everything is o.k., i.e. I can read/writ the
same text file with fred as well as with emacs, and sometimes
I have to change CRs to LFs or vice versa.

Can someone put some light on what's happening? I thought that
CAP would handle the trnanslations of newlines approriately. And
why does fred SOMETIMES reads/writes existing files correctly and sometimes
not? (As far as I can tell, fred never writes a new file correcty).

If all this is burried too deeply in the CAP-implementation, can I
modify some read/write methods for fred-streams so that new-lines
get translated by fred? (I know that this is kind of bogus since
it's not fred's job to care about what kind of volume it is writing
to, but I could live with this...)

Any help appreciated - Stefan B.
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