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Re: Handling \Newline \Linefeed

In article <9308110905.AA22204@relay2.UU.NET> dhm%proact@uunet.UU.NET ("Don Mitchell") writes:
   Subject:   Handling \Newline \Linefeed sequences in MCL
   We're doing cross-platform development to Allegro CL PC which uses
   DOS's  \Newline \Linefeed convention for the end of each line. 
   How hard would it be to change MCL to insert \Linefeed each time it
   inserts \Newline in the editor and to not display the \Linefeed?

And also, would it be possible to add a flag (a special variable)
so that read et. al peeks ahead and gobbles Linefeeds after Newlines,
and write inserts Linefeeds after Newlines? I'm reading/writing
files from/to PCs and this would make life a lot easier for me. This
should also solve Donalds problem if it is done at a low enough level.

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