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Re: Speech Manager

At  2:27 AM 8/15/93 +0000, Bill Andersen wrote:
>  I see a lot of folks talking about the new(?) Speech Manager.
>Is this publicly available?  Is there an MCL interface for it?

I believe that the new Speech manager is shipping with the new
Quadra & Centris "AV" machines, though I am not yet sure. I called
APDA and was informed that it is not yet shipping, and he didn't know
when it would be. When it does start shipping, I doubt that it will
be free. The copy I used came on the World Wide Developer's Conference
CD, and it's probably on the newest Developer's CD, though I haven't

The MCL interface file is available for anonymous FTP from
cambridge.apple.com in the file "/pub/mcl2/interfaces/speech.lisp".