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continuing problems with require

I posted a few days ago, describing my confusion about the
require function, and when it chooses to reload the file
named as its argument.

After a couple of helpful replies, and further experimentation,
I find, alas, I'm still confused:

   - with small test files, require always reloads it's argument,
     if the named file has been re-evaluated and saved

   - with my actual program, which is about 200 lines divided 3:1
     between 2 files, require will only sometimes reload its 

   - the mcl reference, page 310, says

	"...It attempts to load the files in module if they have
	 not already been loaded."

      which, to me, says nothing about what it will do if the files
      have changed since they were last loaded.

I'm prepared -- even expecting -- to discover that my problems are
due to some dumb mistake I've made.  

I'm still hoping someone can straighten me out.  And perhaps the
able folks in Cambridge will provide a better description of how
require is supposed to behave in the presence of changed files?
Is require designed to load files which are assumed to be stable,
and thus not frequently reloaded in an edit-eval-test cycle?

 - Paul