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Re: scigraph

At 11:17 8/18/93 -0500, Sheldon S. Ball wrote:
>The next obstacle I have encountered in loading scigraph is in the file
>dwim:tv.lisp. The code below presents a problem. I am using clim-1.1 &
>MCL 2.0.
>;;;************** Code from tv.lisp ***********
>(defvar *default-server-path*
>  (((and :clim-1.0 :genera) '(:sheet :screen (tv:console-default-superior)))
>   ((and :clim-1.0 :xlib (not :genera)) '(:clx))
>   (:clim-0.9 '(:clx))
>   (:clim-2 '(:motif))
>   ((not :clim) nil)))
>;;;*************** End code from tv.lisp **********
>Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Well, #F isn't a defined dispatching macro character in Common Lisp.   Either this code is
relying on some non-Common-Lisp feature of one or more Lisp implementations, or it defines
this dispatching macro somewhere in itself but through some bug, it isn't enabled in your
MCL environment at the time you try to load this file.

You only have two options:  1) find source code for the #F reader macro and the resulting
#FEATURE-CASE implementation and get it working or 2) recode the above as separate
clauses each with their own #- and #+ clauses.